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We offer Dynamic Firearm instruction and live fire training for those seeking to enhance their knowledge of defending their families and property utilizing self-defense tactics including firearms, survival techniques, hand to hand combat, weapon retention, basic laws and so much more.  A family owned, full time operation in Southern Illinois                                                    

Upcoming Classes

March 2019:
30th Concealed Carry 3-hour Renewal


All shooting class participants must have eye and ear protection. 4 person minimum, group discounts available.

Concealed Carry Classes

Concealed Carry Classes (IL/FL)

 16 hour course: $125

12 hour course: $95

8 hour course: $75

3 hour refresher course: $50

*Early registration and payment discount prices as follows:

16 hour course $105

12 hour course $80

8 hour course $65

3 hour refresher course $45


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Custom/Private Instruction

Customized courses can be any of our current curriculums  or other scenario based training used for individuals, families or groups. Email us your request(s) and we will design a course based on your needs.

We will travel and teach any course as long as the location meets our requirements for that course.  Email us with pictures and description of the range we will be traveling to. Additional costs may apply depending on distance and time.


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Survival training

Land Navigation: (compass orientation) This 2 day course is designed to teach you to navigate over various terrain using only  a map and compass. $150

Survival Basics: teaches basic shelter, trapping, fire building, food resources and hydration. $75

Active Shooter: scenario based training for businesses, churches, schools, and private residences. We travel to your location to show how to prepare and protect your environment

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For more information about our classes, pricing and dates, click on Courses tab or click on individual class links. As always, contact us if you have any questions. Click the link to the right to register for any of our classes

The combination of practical experience and first hand knowledge that Outer Edge is able to provide is truly a great asset for anyone who wants to become a more proficient shooter. I can't say enough good things about the CCW class and how enjoyable it was. I would recommend it to anyone who is even considering getting a permit.
Josh B.
Very informative class. Great instructors with plenty of time on the range.
Daryn H.
No ego. No B.S. Just realistic, safe and educational firearms training. Outer Edge has something to offer for all skills levels- from the beginning shooter to more experienced shooters looking to hone their skills. Tim and crew will challenge your abilities and build your confidence as a shooter. You will not be disappointed.
Sara B.
Being prior military it was great to get a refresher with hand guns. The conceal carry class was a valuable asset thanks again for the knowledgeable coursework and hands on. This course is worth the money and time spent.
Dan J.
Very comfortable environment, very helpful with getting to know your abilities and your gun as well. I enjoy the experience and will go back for more advanced training.
Jason K.