Mother’s Day Special save $20 basic handgun course!

Mother's Day
Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day…

is special for so many reasons. Think about it, not one single person on this planet would be here without their mom.  Some celebrate their mom’s with flowers and candy, maybe even breakfast in bed. For some, this may be your first year being a mom and you reflect on your own mother and childhood while feeling sheer joy looking into your child’s eyes. For others, you may be thinking of this crazy world we’re living in and wonder ‘how in the heck can I ensure the safety of myself, my child(ren), even my own mom’…how would we defend ourselves or our loved ones should let’s say, a burglar comes into your home or you’re attacked while walking to your car from the grocery store?

Most people don’t consciously think about defending themselves on a daily basis and we shouldn’t have to, right?  After all, this is America.  Let’s face it folks, bad things happen and we should all try to mentally prepare for ways to defend ourselves, our loved ones and our property.

My husband and I have built our lives around ways to defend our children, property and ourselves, literally.  We started our business Outer Edge to educate people on the safe use of guns to defend persons and properties.

That’s why we, here at Outer Edge, have developed a class geared specifically for women and for the first time ever, we are offering a promotional discount for, you guessed it, our mom’s!

Each person who pre-registers for this class will receive $20 off the regular price*!

Now it’s not just for mom’s, it’s for all women; sisters, aunts, nieces, girlfriends, wives, daughters, you get the point.  We have decided to dedicate an entire week to women teaching Edge Basics: our basic handgun class to embrace knowledge, safety, laws, shooting skills and more. Classes will be held May 15 – May 20 8:30-4:30. Read more about course, dates and registration  here


Give the gift of piece of mind. Click here to sign up!                                                                                                                                  If you have questions, Contact Us and we’ll figure it out together 🙂

*Participants who pre-register must do so at least 4 days prior to the class date they wish to attend to be eligible for promotion. If paying using our online form, you must manually place the amount of $80.00 in the ‘other amount’ box placed below the ‘pay for class’.

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