Concealed Carry IL/FL

Minimum Items: One concealable handgun with holster; holster can be any carry style. At least 150-rounds of factory ammunition (may not use it all).

Eye and ear protection.
Appropriate clothing for weather.

This course is approved by the State of Illinois and will provide students with the training and documentation needed to apply for an Illinois (CCL) Concealed Carry License. As with every other training class taught at Outer Edge, we teach more than just the required information. In addition to receiving the required instruction, our students will get scenario based instruction in both the classroom and on the range. This will be used to reinforce legal presentation and to allow each individual to learn what carry method(s) works best for them.
This class will also give you the required documentation to obtain your Florida Concealed Carry License.
Each class will involve a classroom presentation, dry fire exercises, and live fire exercises. There is a state mandated qualification course that will take place at the end of the class.
You may qualify for training credits for this course. To see a list of the credits go to: Prior Training Credit

16-Hour Course $125.00
12-Hour Course $90.00
8-Hour Course $75.00
3-Hour Re-certification $50.00


For an additional fee of $20.00 we will provide fingerprints and passport type photo for your Florida CCL. We will also complete and print your Florida application. The photo taken will be provided to you on a USB drive and can be used for your Illinois application. This is not required and the above training will still allow you to complete your Florida application on your own.