We offer several classes from beginner to expert. Come out and see us!

Minimum of 4 students per class  Eye and ear protection required for every class

See below for registration and payment

Edge Basics

An 8 hour entry level class covering handgun safety, storage, carrying options, maintenance, marksmanship. Combination of classroom and practical exercises Items needed:  Handgun/holster, extra magazines if semi-auto and speed loader if revolver, 100 rounds of ammunition. Cost: $100

Introduction to Dynamic Shooting

2 day (14 hour) course designed to incorporate essential skills necessary to shoot on the move. Discussing mindset & the importance of developing a good shooting platform with focus on shooting with both eyes open, first shot & follow through, different carry positions based on threat & location, use of peripheral vision engaging students with range exercises.

Items needed:  Handgun/holster, extra magazines, 250+ rounds of ammunition. Cost: $200

Practical Dynamic Shooting

Prerequisite: Intro to Dynamic Shooting

This 2 day (14 hour) course uses tactics and techniques learned from introduction to dynamic shooting. You will practice going through doorways and rounding corners.  There will be shoot/don’t shoot targets and scenarios, increased stress and target confusion exercises. Moving and reactionary targets.

Items needed: Handgun/holster, extra magazines, 250+ rounds of ammunition. Cost: $200