Land Navigation

This is a two day course designed to help those with the desire to learn how to navigate through various terrains without the crutch of technology. By the end of the course, each student will be able to navigate, on foot, through wooded and open terrain, using only a map and compass. There are no prerequisites to take this course.

Day 1 Morning (Classroom)
• Learn how to read and interpret a topographical map.
• Learn the features of a lensatic compass.
• Learn the five major and three minor terrain features.
• Identify terrain features on a map.
• Learn how to determine distance on a map.
• Learn how to determine pace count and why it is used.
• Learn how to plot points on a map using protractor and grid system.
• Learn how to plan routes using a map and knowledge of terrain features.
• Practice plotting points and planning routes.

Day 1 Afternoon (Outdoors)
• Practice your pace count.
• Practice dead reckoning (With compass).
• Locate distant aim points.
• Plot and verify coordinates on map.
• Navigate to plotted points (Short course).
• Practice traversing around obstructions (Short course).

Day 2 (Land Navigation Course)
• The location of day 2 will be determined prior to the start of the class. Upon arriving at the course, we will review lessons taught the previous day. There will be three separate sessions on this day.
o First, students will be placed in groups of three or four. The group will work as a team to plot, plan routes, and navigate to at least three points in a wooded environment.
o Second, students will be placed into pairs. Each pair will then complete a second course.
o Third, each individual will complete a course on their own.
Outer Edge will provide each student with a lensatic compass, protractor, and necessary maps.*

Individuals should dress appropriately for the season. Wear appropriate shoes and bring any items deemed necessary.
Possible Optional Items:

• Poncho/ Rain coat.
• Gloves, coat, hood.
• Bug spray, sun screen, and water container.
• Walking stick.
• Knife.
• Phone.
*Items provided will be available to purchase after the course has been completed.
** We will break for lunch on day one, participants will need to pack their lunch for day two
Cost $150

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