Minimum of 4 students per class                                                                                                                                                 

Eye and ear protection required for every class


Edge Basics (Handgun) $100.00

An 8 hour entry level class covering handgun safety, storage, carrying options, maintenance, marksmanship. Combination of classroom and practical exercises

Items needed: Handgun/holster, extra magazines if semi-auto and speed loader if revolver, 100 rounds of ammunition


Introduction to Dynamic Shooting (Handgun) $200.00

2 day (14 hour) course designed to incorporate essential skills necessary to shoot on the move. Discussing mindset & the importance of developing a good shooting platform with focus on shooting with both eyes open, first shot & follow through, different carry positions based on threat & location, use of peripheral vision engaging students with range exercises.

Items needed: Handgun/holster, extra magazines, 250+ rounds of ammunition


Practical Dynamic Shooting

(Handgun) $200.00 Prerequisite: Intro to Dynamic Shooting

This 2 day (14 hour) course uses tactics and techniques learned from introduction to dynamic shooting. You will practice going through doorways and rounding corners. There will be shoot/don’t shoot targets and scenarios, increased stress and target confusion exercises. Moving and reactionary targets.

Items needed: Handgun/holster, extra magazines, 250+ rounds of ammunition


Rifle and shotgun courses coming soon!


Concealed Carry Courses

Minimum Items: One concealable handgun with holster; holster can be any carry style.  At least 150-rounds of factory ammunition (may not use it all).

Eye and ear protection.

Appropriate clothing for weather.


16-Hour Course                                                                                               $150.00

12-Hour Course                                                                                               $125.00

8-Hour Course                                                                                                 $95.00

3-Hour Recertification                                                                                   $50.00

Group Rates: For information on group pricing for all of our courses, click the “Custom Course” link on our website.


*For an additional fee of $50.00 we will provide fingerprints and passport type photo for your Florida CCL. We will also complete and print your Florida application. The photo taken will be provided to you on a USB drive and can be used for your Illinois application. This is not required and the above training will still allow you to complete your Florida application on your own.

Customized Course (cost varies)

Customized courses can be used for individuals, families or groups. Email us your request(s) and we will design a course based on your needs.


Private Instruction (cost varies)                                                         

Can be any of our current curriculums or customized.

We will travel and teach any course as long as the location meets our requirements for that course. Email us with pictures and description of the range we will be traveling to. Additional costs may apply depending on distance and time.   


Disclaimer: Course scheduling is subject to the discretion of Outer Edge and the availability of instructors. Participation in certain courses may be limited or restricted. Reservations for courses are taken on a first come, first served basis. Cancellations require at least 24 hours prior notice. Any class cancelled with less than 24 hours prior notice will not be rescheduled.

All students and guests are required to comply with all safety, personal conduct and other policies of Outer Edge while on premises. The failure to comply may result in eviction from the premises, forfeiture of fees for the course then in progress and/or personal liability for any damages suffered.

Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. No exceptions.

Participants agree to sign an Acknowledgement of risk, release, waiver, indemnification, hold harmless, and assumption of the risk agreement releasing Outer Edge and any instructional staff from any responsibility for any injury that may be sustained during the training program. ©Outer Edge 2016


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