Outer Edge instructors include current and former law enforcement, military and family.

Outer Edge InstructorTim Bishop

Owner/ Chief Instructor

A former U.S. Army Ranger and Sheriff Deputy with expertise in weapons and tactical training; certified Tactical S.W.A.T. operator, Active Shooter and Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, Tim shares his knowledge and skill with those seeking the ability to defend themselves in any situation.

Outer Edge Instructor Jennifer Bishop

Jennifer Bishop


Jennifer, a Registered Nurse has experience as a former law enforcement officer, firefighter/first responder and member of I.M.E.R.T. (Illinois Medical Emergency response Team) shares her knowledge and point of view.


Jeff X


Jeff is currently a full-time, sworn law enforcement officer with a state agency.  He has been in law enforcement for over 10 years.  Jeff is currently assigned to an Executive Protection Unit with the state agency and is tasked with guarding high-risk targets.  Prior to his law enforcement career, Jeff served four years in the United States Army, to include a deployment to Kuwait and Iraq.  Jeff is a certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor.


Chris X

Instructor/Ballistics Expert/Glock Armor

Chris is currently employed as a full-time law enforcement officer with a local agency.  He has been in law enforcement for over 17-years, and is currently serving as a detective.  Chris is a certified law enforcement firearms instructor.  He is certified by the State of Illinois as a Tactical/S.W.A.T Operator, an Active Shooter Instructor, and a law enforcement Sniper.  Prior to his law enforcement career, Chris was a U.S. Army Ranger where he served as a Sniper.  He is also a Glock Armor and an expert in ballistics.


Kevin X


Kevin has been a full-time law enforcement officer for approximately 15 years and is still serving in that position.  Kevin is a certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor.  He is certified as a Tactical/ S.W.A.T Operator, Active Shooter responder, and Law Enforcement Sniper.  Prior to his law enforcement career, Kevin spent a tour in the U.S. Marine Corps where he served as an Infantry Soldier.

Cody Schaefer, over the past ten years has served as a member of the Armed Forces as an Infantry solider. He was deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and worked alongside the Afghanistan Police and Army. Since his deployment he has served as an Infantry Team Leader, Infantry Squad Leader and most recently a Heavy Weapons Infantry Section Leader.  He has worked as a full-time Police Officer in the Southern Illinois area for the past five years. Cody is a certified instructor through the ALERRT active shooter program and has attended several other active shooter/active threat training programs