Women’s Concealed Carry Class

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Join us April 21st and 22nd for our spring Women's Concealed Carry Class

Why do women come to gun ownership in the first place?  I believe it boils down to the need or desire to protect themselves.  Taking a concealed carry class is a good place to start because it allows you to learn about, become familiar with, and become comfortable with guns.  During our women's only classes we focus on women and guns.  As a female, there are a variety of challenges we face when we decide to carry a firearm. Our main goal is for you to be confident in your ability to protect yourself using your concealed firearm should the need, God forbid, ever arise.  During class you will get to know your gun; tips and tactics, different carry options for girls all in addition to the regular ccw curriculum. On the range we will be there to teach handling skills,  guide you with instruction  and ensure proper techniques that will leave you with more knowledge and confidence.  As always, we offer discounted prices for early registration and payment!  Hope to see you there!!!

~Jen Bishop/Assistant Instructor

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